Star Trek Discovery Season 2, 3 Release Date or Watch Online Episodes

Star Trek Discovery Season 3

Star Trek: Discovery season 3 will be beyond your imagination from the Star Trek season 2.

As you already got surprised with the season 2 finale that took things up in an unprecedented way with the USS Discovery Travelling through a wormhole, which took them to a distant future. The next time you see the Lieutenant Commander Michael Burnham, Commander Saru, along with the rest of the crew, it will be 930 years later into the future. This period of the timeline is known as the Star Trek timeline, which is so far remained unexplored.

It also means about the fan-favorite characters like Lieutenant Spock, Captain Christopher Pike, and Ash Tyler have been left in the Discovery’s Original Timeline. These time shifts can provide an exciting reboot to the series. Instead of just enjoying the past glories the Star trek has taken a big leap into the future.

What is the Story Star Trek Discovery Season 3?

The first trailer for the Star Trek: Discovery season third was shown in the New York Comic Con on Saturday, 5thOctober 2019. It does not reveal too much information about the latest season, but there were some hidden clues that we can expect. It shows how life is different for Burnham, Saru and all the crew.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3
Star Trek Discovery Season 1, 2, 3 Release Date or Watch Online Episodes

The main question that everyone thought about whether the Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Release Date will show the United Federation of Planets as a functional organization in the Trek Universe future. This idea came to rise when a new character Cleveland Booker says to Michael Burnham whether he believes in ghosts or not, which he said after seeing his Star fleet uniform.

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Must watch Star Trek: Discovery season 3 trailer

One of the most interesting things to see in the Star Trek Discovery season 3 trailers was the future of the federation. There were some hints that show that the federation was not functioning in the future. The trailer also suggests that the episode will cover an extended period of time.

The trailer shows that they will be spending a year looking for the Elusive Domino, and in the meantime, her hair length will change significantly, which shows that they are spending years not weeks. We also see some new intriguing planets and the scenes were shot in Iceland.

How many episodes& season avail online of Star Trek Discovery?

The first two seasons of Star Trek: Discovery has been released. The first season of Star Trek Discovery was released on 24thSeptember 2017. The first season has a total number of 45 episodes. The first episode of season 1 had a special premiere on the CBS network and it was released on CBS All Access. The second season of Star Trek Discovery started on 17th January 2019 and the last episode aired on 18th April 2019. The second season has a total number of 14 episodes. these are below.

Such Sweet Sorrow Part 2
18 Apr 2019

Such Sweet Sorrow
11 Apr 2019

Through the Valley of Shadows
4 Apr 2019

Perpetual Infinity
28 Mar 2019

The Red Angel
21 Mar 2019

Project Daedalus
14 Mar 2019

If Memory Serves
7 Mar 2019

Light and Shadows
28 Feb 2019

The Sounds of Thunder
21 Feb 2019

Saints of Imperfection
14 Feb 2019

An Obol for Charon
7 Feb 2019

Point of Light
31 Jan 2019

New Eden
24 Jan 2019

17 Jan 2019

The Star Trek runs on the CBS network in the United States, which means that you can only watch it on CBS All Access. Outside the USA, you can find the Star Trek on Netflix as it is only available on Netflix. This is due to the service provided by CBS All Access as it completes with the Netflix services. That is why CBS does not release Discovery on Netflix.

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When will the Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Premiere Date/Release Date?

The second season of Star Trek Discovery is already available on CBS All Access. You can easily watch all the episodes of Star trek on the CBS All Access if you live in the United States of America. The Second Season premiered on 17th January 2019 and its last episode aired on 18th April 2019. The second season consists of 14 episodes and you can directly stream it to your device.

If you live outside of the USA, then you have to watch Discovery’s Second Season on Netflix. You cannot watch the second season of Star Trek Discovery on CBS outside the USA. The CBS does not allow Netflix to show Star trek discovery in the United States due to the conflict of their services and content.

Who are the Main Characters, Cast, Spoiler,and Plots of the Star Trek Discovery Season 3?

The Main Cast of the Star Trek: Discover is Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Shazad Latif, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman, Jason Isaacs, Wilson Cruz, Anson Mount, and David Ajala.

The story of Star Trek Discovery begins ten years prior to the Star Trek: The Original Series. In the series, you can see the Klingon Houses becoming united in a war with the United Federation of Planet that mainly involves the group of Discovery. In the second season of the show, after the war has ended, the discovery started to investigate seven mysterious signals and a curious figure known as Red Angel. The conflict ends with the discovery of traveling to the 32nd Century, more than 900 years into the future.

Is Star Trek Discovery Season 1, 2, 3 Available Online?

The first and second season of Star Trek Discovery is already available on video streaming platforms like Netflix. Outside the United States of America, you can find the Star trek first and the second season on Netflix. If you live in the USA, then you can watch all the episodes of Star Trek on CBS all access networks. The third season is yet to be released, but it will be released in 2020. So all you have to do is waiting for the new seasons to arrive and you can simply watch it on any of these video streaming services.

At last, you can expect the US Discovery to find out the threats that have never seen before. They have to deal with them by keeping an optimistic spirit of adventure. They have to keep the optimism that has been traditionally the main card for the Star Trek franchise. So, we know that you are also eagerly waiting for the launch of the new season. For now, all we can do is wait for the release of the new season.

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