Top Graphic Web Development Trends in 2022

Graphic Web Development Trends

Today, many of us, those who do not deal with web development like Shopify Development Company does, do not see the difference between web design and graphic design. Therefore, in the first case, we can observe the manifestation of interactive components interacting with the user. Graphic components are static, but they in turn somehow have the ability to depend on the creative and artistic direction. Ultimately, all these moments are implemented in order to create a site with a very beautiful appearance or in order to be able to complete a site that already exists.

We must remember that graphic design has its origins in print. Therefore, points such as fonts, geometry, and visualization are very important for determining trends. Of course, when using them, we have the opportunity to create a very good appearance of the portal. Of course, this contributes to the appearance of an emphasis on certain parts of the page.

In order for your design to be successful and win, we must take into account the fact of constantly changing trends in every possible way. We need to keep track of trends every day, which in turn will help us significantly increase user traffic. But we must remember that even here there may be difficulties, we must be ready for this.

Sure, it is worth noting that certain moments are able to end their existence very quickly without even starting work. Of course, we must keep functionality in mind in our work. New elements can interfere with the work of a web resource, as they will, in turn, give a good load and subsequently make the entire structure heavier.

Of course, we can highlight some of the most important points among the trends of 2022. Very soon, it is on the basis of these moments that the emphasis will be placed when choosing design options.

Minimalism with colorful solutions

Minimalism – we can designate, first of all, the ability to combine the most contrasting colors. We can choose a classic – it will be a combination of black and white. It just looks amazing. Today, many people implement this method in their work. This variant of minimalism has been running for more than a decade and remains at the peak of popularity today. One of the main tasks for designers today is to make the project bright and juicy. They try to incorporate as many colors as possible into their work. Therefore, here we can apply almost the entire palette of colors.

One of the important points in order to introducing this technique into the work is the use of very muted shades. Shades mostly choose pastel colors. Therefore, it visually looks very beautiful, since acid colors can provoke aggression and it may not always be well suited for decoration.

Regardless of the fact that the palette is very limited, the designers do a very good job. Despite the fact that the palette has a limited number of options, designers are able to do their job perfectly.

Consequently, different combinations of shades are gradually gaining momentum. Of course, we often use such criteria in order to visualize our ideas, for example:

  • the whole base is capable of having two primary colors while having a small accent, this is all already including the third component;
  • the symmetry of how elements are placed can be broken;
  • in order to bring some immediacy to the work, and slightly change the volume, we can use completely different shades, and at the same time create excellent gradients.

All of the above will help us escape from monochrome. It will also help, in turn, make everything very fresh, as well as give volume to a static picture.

Use of natural shades

Natural shades have always had the ability to act as a sedative on a person, which is why they are so popular today. From the moment the pandemic began, and self-isolation, everyone began to look for peace everywhere. Hence, each person tries to be able to relax and also take in all the information very calmly. Of course, we can combine all this with elements such as:

  • illustrations with clear geometry;
  • monochrome design;
  • selection of headings in the form of blocks and much more.

Sure, we can note here some of the top colors to use for this – green, brown, beige, blue, and gray. Therefore, we can safely implement them into work while combining them in different ways, this greatly expands our capabilities.

Clear geometry

To date, geometric shapes have been introduced on web resources very often. Of course, in 2022 there will be a lot of geometric shapes, this will be a great incentive to use this idea in its entirety. Of course, if we use such graphics, it will give us a lot of opportunities in the future, for example:

  • the ability to make some accents in order to be able to highlight the most important things in the content, one of the main ones;
  • while having a very minimalist design;
  • be able to get the job done quickly;
  • simplified integration into the structure;
  • this contributes to the introduction of a very versatile and unique type of design, of course, the combination of a large amount of information will help in this.

Therefore, when we work with a palette, the most optimal choice is not a bright, but a more muted color. Of course, if we use bright colors in our work, we will be able to create very stunning effects, and easily focus on how unique this brand is.

Implementing illustrations with clear outlines

Such elements are references to “cartoon” characters. We can use this in our work in order to, first of all, emphasize the uniqueness of this product. Of course, such moments are very easy to perceive, the design seems to be very easy, and we have the ability to easily perceive information. Also in our work, we have the opportunity to use graphic drawings. We can use them to bring ideas like this to life:

  • thematic design of the product page;
  • if you need to beautifully design the main page of the site;
  • highlighting headings or important information;
  • using small drawings to create icons and navigation design.

Of course, such a design will look very good if we have some kind of background of plain light colors. Of course, such a background can be white or colored. But it is worth remembering that it must undoubtedly have pastel shades. Such an interpretation is able to highlight some illustrations in the overall picture.

Using Components for Rendering

Sure, we must visualize this for the information to be perceived much easier. A lot of information about the text if it is not structured will greatly complicate our perception. Consequently, even the simplest text will seem very unbearable to us. Of course, to simplify the familiarization process a little, we can use the following options:

  • use of visual charts;
  • application of schematic circuits and connections;
  • combine some of the most important paragraphs into blocks;
  • apply some pictures as output and so on.

We must remember that users will not use much time to absorb some information. Of course, we must present it in such a way that the user would be able to find a particular section very quickly and without problems and at the same time save his valuable time.

Use of monochrome

One of the main concepts of this method is the introduction of two colors into the design at once, thus a two-color design appears. Already today, many designers are trying to diversify this indicator by using monochrome.

To realize this, you just need to decide on a color, this color will become the basis of the entire space. But it is important in turn to remember the fact that the colors should be different shades. For example, in our work, we can use only pink colors throughout the site, in some pastel colors, and others saturated ones.

Truly, we can implement such effects to create a background, header, and graphics. Also, many designers often use monochrome to create some menu sections or control buttons. In this case, the colors can be arranged as a gradient.

Decorating with gradient transitions

Of course, the whole palette has not only pure shades. There are many very beautiful shades that we get when we mix two or more components together. If we want to highlight a product in our work and create a wonderful design, we can use light transitions from one color to another.

Of course, this type of design will look very good when paired with a monochrome fill. We can also achieve a good effect if we have color transitions, from a saturated pure version to an almost white one. It is also possible to carry out a transition of two colors. As a rule, they are selected from contrasting species. That being said, when looking at the color wheel, the design components should be on opposite sides of each other.

Another important point is the use of a gradient in minimalism, this is able to please the requests of absolutely all users. Of course, portal visitors will not always be unambiguous in their preferences. Of course, they may like minimalism, but the use of one or more colors will be a signal to the conclusion that the site has not been worked on properly. The use of gradients has entered the practice of web design. We can compare this to the effect of movement, however, without applying animation.

Classic fonts and serifs

Such font variations are a reference to past centuries when the Gothic spelling was replaced by a simpler, printed one. Of course, today we can use this in our work in order to have a very beautiful appearance.

It looks like some small stroke, which is located at the very end of the letter. We can call this method decorative because it does not carry any semantic significance, it is used only for beauty. If we implement such methods, we can easily make great content, and it will also help us improve the appearance of the site, and improve the readability of the product.

Truly, the developers are trying in every possible way to show their peculiarity among others, and also constantly come up with how to make very good options. Consequently, they often use many fonts in their work in order to fill the design at completely different scaling.

Also, these fonts allow you to use them not only on sites with certain information, but also in various online stores, various social networks, and so on.

Vintage effects

Design options associated with previous years are gaining popularity today. We should keep in mind that such designs can be suitable for many sites, and in turn be a wonderful decorative element.

Naturally, today we have the opportunity to apply different pictures in the form of burnt photographs. Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes creases in the image or fuzzy edges of the image can be created. With the help of this, we have the opportunity to absorb different information, such as the one that we have used for more than one year in our work. This gives a credibility effect.

This allows us to increase our audience more and more. Of course, it is worth noting that those users who are older are able to spend more time on such a site than younger people. Young people are also not averse to touching on topics that their parents or grandmothers spoke about.

Implementation of bold fonts

Today, in the modern world, we are quite often able to apply this not only to work with web graphics but also to create great videos. This method can certainly help us highlight the key point in the whole content. Very often we can use such a bold font in order to highlight all the information, for example:

  • headings;
  • subheadings and important information;
  • company name;
  • the name of the product or its characteristics;
  • interface features and much more.

Therefore, such moments can very well correspond to completely different techniques, while the page will look very organic and easy. Undoubtedly, this will help us, for example, to highlight the name of the company against an abstract background. Or write down key data in monochrome diagrams.

Undoubtedly, already today we use such methods to be able to focus on the individuality of the portal. The main highlights of this moment are:

  • the introduction of many colors in a variety of combinations;
  • lack of clear shapes and lines;
  • complete elimination of symmetry.

Such moments are certainly capable of causing chaos and fragmentation of the appearance. That is why we must apply this method with extreme caution and constantly dilute it with calmer components.

Another manifestation of abstraction is the use of drop-shaped forms. Of course, we can often find such graphic options when designing the names of goods of certain groups. As a rule, these can be:

  • products for children;
  • food;
  • cosmetics;
  • entertainment goods;
  • descriptions of smartphones and other gadgets.

This design style has been at the forefront for many years and will continue to be at the top of the popular 2022 trends.


This style is gaining great popularity in completely different industries, whether it is interior design or graphic design. Of course, today all life is closely connected to the Internet. Users want to have a lot of useful information while being less distracted by various details. Therefore, today the work of the designer is primarily focused on ensuring that the site has as few distractions as possible, and has more space. Of course, it is a good idea to introduce warm tints into the work, good placement of information, instead of cold tints.

Therefore, today, minimalist design is very much a must in design. Of course, this style may not be to everyone’s liking. Undoubtedly, if it is used in their work, it will significantly affect the fact that the site would be popular. Also, this method will help greatly speed up the site, since there are not a lot of details that can affect the download speed.


If we do not have a certain symmetry and design order, we will need some components in our work that will help to emphasize ourselves. Here we can include such moments:

  • implementation of banners with key aspects of site information;
  • operation of real or fictitious flags;
  • company logos;
  • stylized icons and more.

Truly, such moments will be a clear factor that will ensure complete concentration. In this case, the user will be able to pause at a certain moment and remember it for further assimilation of information.

Symbolism today is the historical and universal language of communication. Many classic symbols can explain to any person what is behind this or that icon. An example of such a design can be the menu of smartphones. If you do not pay attention to changes in style and how it looks, we can say that all elements are easy to recognize.

If we implement everything competently in our work and use all the factors that were listed earlier, this certainly gives us a great chance of success in promoting the portal. It is worth remembering that if we want to have a good result, a great solution would be to offer this job to people who are very good at it.

Visual optimism

A very important point, because emotions are very important to draw the user’s attention to themselves. Of course, today there is a lot of negativity around us, and the pandemic has hit our lives for almost two years already. It’s worth the fun!

Judging by the look of recent websites, the designers agree. We see a lot of visual optimism in website design these days – bright colors, joyful features, outlandish typography, lots of positive messages, and nice interactivity. We can call such an approach in demand. Of course, this method is an attempt to bring us back to “normal” life and distract us for a moment from more serious problems.

A great example of this trend in action can be found on the website of temporary tattoo shop Bernard Forever. A sense of fun pervades this online project, from the quirky cartoon character to subtle animated elements, friendly typography, and pleasing colors.

Conscious web design

Obviously, for many people, with the advent of the pandemic around the world, isolation could mean that their world has become even smaller, simpler, and calmer. To be sure, the internet is a noisy and stressful place today, and you can see areas of web design that are now being affected by a sense of understated calm.

Of course, already today we can see how designers began to apply clean design in their work. It helps our eyes and content breathe a little. You can also call this method “conscious web design” – an approach that reminds people that they don’t want to be overwhelmed by a lot of information or overloaded graphics.

Remarkably, this trend is able to meet the requirements of the recent Google algorithm update. According to this algorithm, speeding up your website is capable of benefiting you in search engine rankings. Therefore, we can conclude that the simpler your design, the less content you need to download, so this is a win-win approach.

Conscious web design

Obviously, this trend is also consistent with Google’s requirements. First of all, in order for the sites to be optimized for mobile devices. Of course, in the modern world, people use completely different devices every day. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make the sites work well on each of them. But we should not forget about the main component of this method, the simpler your design, the easier it is to implement this task in practice.

A perfect example of this trend is Savoir Design, which creates unique ceramic pieces. While this site has all the fun tricks of modern web scrolling, there is a controlled sparsity of layouts that makes your life instantly easier.

3D design and multimedia

Absolutely all new technologies almost always have the ability to cause new trends in web design, and today’s era will be no exception. To be sure, the ability of the latest displays to provide much more detailed resolution than ever before has a big impact in turn.

The picture quality standard has changed from HD to 4K (4x pixel density) and beyond. We also see more and more 4K+ monitors and laptops hitting the market, and there are even a few 6K and 8K models. Hence, we are able to notice very good broadband speeds and also mobile data speeds, all to satisfy this need for visual detail.

Of course, now many web resources are able to go beyond the standard website model, which usually includes text and a few pictures that do not move. Instead, web designers are enthusiastic about 3D design, animation, AR, VR, large-scale video and images, and interactive features. All this work and all these methods are definitely involved only in order to make your website even more attractive and interesting.

However, it is worth noting that all the most reliable and conscious web designers should take into account the fact that there are many users who do not have the ability to connect or new devices. Therefore, projects of this kind should be accompanied by progressive improvement, while providing an opportunity for each user separately, paying attention to what this device is capable of.

We can also give 3D as an example. Here you can see on the map “Smart City”, created by the company “Kaspersky Lab”. You also need to pay attention to the fact that this map depicts the latest security technologies for a variety of areas. Each of these directions is presented as a separate place. You can move around the virtual city in three dimensions. It’s also a great idea to get your audience involved in something that might seem very uninteresting at first.


Social media is often criticized for downplaying knowledge and ideas into neat snippets that have little effect on the brain and, at worst, lead to misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Today, one of the web design trends that are currently gaining a lot of popularity is ScrollyTelling. It is also called “narrative visualization”. Of course, with this design, you’re scrolling through and reading a long article, and you get little fun visuals ranging from elegantly typed columns to fancy inline images, subtle animations, and more.

In terms of beautiful and inspiring artwork, it may remind us of reading a print magazine, but with the interactivity of the Internet and the engaging nature of moving images.

We can often see this in online journalism. A great example is HuffPost article X. This article mentions a famous chef who decided to become a humanist José Andres. Initially, when we study the page, we think that we are enjoying a complex digital trick. But upon closer inspection, we can see that most of the effect here is achieved through the use of an outdated design. It is very common to have slanted quotes inserted here, it helps a lot to add visual interest and a sense of dynamism.

How to make the right choice of a studio that provides good graphic design?

Naturally, many have asked this question. Therefore, in order to make a good choice and ultimately have great traffic, we must make a selection while taking into account a number of basic criteria:

  • Communication. Professionals constantly communicate and keep in touch with clients. First of all, this is necessary to get a lot of information about how the idea is implemented. You also need to remember to take into account all the requirements and desires of the user. You should always assess the situation adequately. Of course, there may be moments when some points go against the harmony of the design, this is not a problem. The developer never criticizes but can provide a multitude of arguments for and against, all this to always have a very good, maximum quality result.
  • Transparency of the final check. Only after we have created the terms of reference, as well as the work plan for which further actions will be carried out, only then can the company summarize and make all the necessary cost calculations. After this virginity, when everyone approved and signed the contract itself, the numbers no longer change, and no new data appears. Work begins following the action plan. After its approval and signing of the contract, this figure does not change and new data is not added.
  • Delivery within the stipulated time. If the company adheres to all the promised deadlines, first of all, this is a sign of excellent manners and high professionalism of this organization, this speaks volumes. Therefore, everything is carefully studied, and certain deadlines for the delivery of the project are prescribed, taking into account how much time is needed to complete a particular task. You also need to plan a full-fledged work schedule for the entire team. If you strictly follow the plan, it will help to quickly, on time, and qualitatively hand over the project without delaying anyone.
  • Guarantees. The guarantee of all operations for the development of graphic design is, first of all, the preparation of a formal contract. Following this agreement, the customer is guaranteed the fulfillment of all positions that are specified in the agreement. Also, in any professional organization, some specialists provide site verification and graduates in the field of web graphics and design.
  • Providing examples. Of course, to get to know the company better, just look at the already working sites. Advanced companies that are confident in their impeccable work will gladly provide you with a list of projects and links for review.

Compliance of the contractor with these criteria suggests that the customer has every chance to get a wonderful product thanks to full cooperation with professional graphic designers.

Conclusions on the topic

Graphic design is directly related to the process of promoting and implementing sites. The way your site looks will directly affect its success as well as user traffic. If we adhere to all these standards and norms in our work, for it to function well, we can undoubtedly get a wonderful site with excellent traffic.

If designers incorporate the most trendy or completely new design details into their work, this will very quickly increase the attractiveness of the page. Professionals very often follow the appearance and disappearance of certain trends. Of course, we can only do this if we study such articles and apply everything in our work.

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