Tips to Make the Content of Your Website Interactive

Among all the quality criteria of a website, the engagement of the reader is a significant factor. To put it just, a good website is a site that engages its readers. And, of course, we must not forget that the lack of interest of the readers is most often due to the irrelevance of the content. There are several different strategies to improve your engagement rate. One of the main ones is to make sure that the content of your website is interactive. Interactive content encourages reader engagement because the reader is not only visually involved, he is also physically involved by using the keyboard or the mouse.

Ask for ratings

Asking your audience to give their opinion is a very good way to start to foster interactions. You can do it either by notes or comments. Although many sites already do this, some methods are more effective than others.

Classic pop-ups that require a rating can quickly become annoying. They can also disrupt the user experience, which should be fluid. For the rating request to be less intrusive, display it at the end of your content. You can also use emoticons instead of the usual 5 stars. Indeed, we commonly use emoticons to express ourselves online; users tend to find them more friendly than annoying.

Motivate with games and rewards

” Gamification ” involves incorporating game elements, such as points or levels, into serious contexts. The fun side makes users want to interact with the site and get involved. In addition to explicitly inviting them to post a comment, you can encourage them by offering rewards. Users are motivated to read and write a detailed comment when they receive points or coupons in return.

Very effective for games, rankings are also a useful tool for your site. A ranking of the best comments and rewards are effective ways to encourage regular interaction. Providing status badges to reviewers can also be productive as it means getting users to a higher level. TripAdvisor is a very good example of a site that skillfully uses themed badges; it offers Passport badges to users giving their reviews of establishments in several countries and Explorer badges when they are among the first to write a review of a place.

Integrate quizzes, polls, and testimonials

In addition to making your site fun, you can insert entertainment forms generated by third-party platforms.

The integration of personality tests is very effective in attracting readers. If you use WordPress, many modules are available to create quizzes on topics relevant to your web pages. WP standard quiz modules; his simple style can be customized in many ways.

A pester is another useful platform that allows you to integrate interactive visual content as well as quizzes and surveys. Interactive visual content effectively complements your editorial content. Indeed, it will enable telling a story while seeking the participation of the user. Integrating interactive visual content into your web pages creates a personal connection between your readers and your articles as they scroll through the content and click on it.

Encourage readers to give their opinion

To encourage your audience to comment, it is generally not enough to have a field provided for this purpose. We recommend using creative ways to invite your users to comment on your content. For example, you may ask to answer a question at the end of your publication or to complete a numbered list.

Comments are not just about giving users the ability to respond to your content; they often read other people’s comments and spend more time on widely commented articles. Also, comments give weight to your articles and promote Google SEO maps because they naturally add keywords to your articles and make them go up in research.

Publish user-generated content

The integration of user-generated content indicates to the users that their contribution and commitment are valued and valued, which makes them even more eager to get involved.

There are a few different techniques for displaying user-generated content. One of them is to write articles aimed specifically at the highest rated comments on the blog. You can even quote the user who wrote the comment to introduce these articles. This will further encourage users to make quality comments on your site. Your articles will also focus on the topics that most interest your audience.

If you sell directly to consumers; inviting them to post photos of them using these products is another useful technique. You can even create Instagram campaigns and not only re-publish on the Instagram account of your company the images generated by customers but also directly publish these images on the company website. This will encourage users to browse your Instagram feed and your site, and maybe even post pictures themselves.

Embed buttons for social media

Never forget that all relevant content must have an option to share with friends and followers. Tools such as and allow you to link your site to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social channels.

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