Mobile App Development: Why Should A Business Consider Apps As The Next Smart Move Towards Growth

Mobile App Development

It’s an inevitable fact that today’s business world is competitive. Especially with the development of technology, artificial intelligence, and social media, the world has become a global village, forcing businesses to keep up with their competitive edge to stay in the market. 

This is why the concept of marketing has become broader and more comprehensive over the years—finding the ideal market strategy to support business growth and stand out from the rest of the competitors has become complex. 

Mobile app development, a fairly new concept, has now shown some exceptional performance for business marketing and growth. Mobile applications, commonly known as an “app” is a computer program or software application designed to run on electronic devices such as mobile, smartphone, or tablets.  

The annual app download statistics showed about 205 billion downloads in 2018, and this number is expected to grow to over 258 billion downloads in 2022. It’s also believed that in 2018 nearly 50% of internet traffic came from apps.

Because of this steady performance, many businesses are shifting their marketing strategies towards app development- especially intending to boost sales, growth, and first-mover advantage. 

However, for businesses that are struggling to strategies ways to consistently grow and sustain in the market, here are reasons why app development can be the next smart move to take towards business growth. 

Sales growth 

Business growth is essentially considered with a high sales rate, and that’s something apps can help a business with. Depending on how large the audience of a business is, apps can be a new channel to increase sales. 

how to make a delivery service app by this apps, businesses can easily reach, access, and contact customers in real-time. The push notifications in apps help to notify customers about promotions, seasonal discounts, and other offers instantly. The problem with other digital marketing platforms is that users have to make time or effort to either log into (for social media channels) or read, watch and listen to ads, which can be easily overlooked or forgotten. With push notifications, customers barely have to put an effort, as important information can be conveyed through a push notification in brief, which often generates a lead or sale. 

Similarly, with the help of features like geolocation in apps, businesses can send special offers to customers who are close to an outlet or a store. This establishes a more personal connection with the customers and can easily excite them to make a purchase. 

Brand Visibility

The human brain remembers 80% of what they see; visual content is more encouraged in digital marketing. When customers repeatedly see an app in an average of 2.5 hrs. They spend on the phone, and the brand sticks to their subconscious mind. 

This increases brand visibility and improves the ability to recall the brand easily, even at the sight of its logo. Brand visibility is seen as the first step in marketing, which lays the base to attract or acquire customers. 

Building a customer base 

An app allows businesses to build, establish and maintain relationships with customers all around the world. Unlike websites or social media channels, a customer will not have to remember the website address or brand name to search about it. As the app is installed on a mobile device, it’s easy to access it whenever and wherever needed. Sometimes, depending on the app’s functionality, customers can also access the app without the internet. 

The app is an additional method to market a business or increase sales. Whoever installs an app enters a brand’s information space to get to know about the brand more. Be it their new range of products or services, and everything can be duly updated in an app. This allows a business to build a customer base that can support growth easily. 

Competitive advantage

As app development is a fairly new marketing strategy, not all businesses have utilized it. To date, some businesses and brands don’t have an active website, let alone apps. For some reason, certain businesses don’t find digital marketing an effective marketing strategy, despite its significant performance over the years. 

The competition for apps as marketing and sales tools is still less. So if a business is among the first to develop an app to provide customers with a more user-friendly and convenient purchase platform, it’s easy to confidently stand out among the competitors. 

Moreover, this first-mover advantage allows businesses to establish and secure a firm position in the market for the foreseeable future, which comprehensively supports business growth. 

Produces valuable analytics 

An app provides valuable analytics about customers. Businesses can learn about products or services that work well or purchased the most, how much time customers spend on the app, or even get to know the app features that are least used. Businesses can also get valuable information regarding a customer’s demographic and geological data and other insights into customer interests. 

All these data can then be used by a business for future decision-making, strategizing, resource allocation, and so on. Using such reliable and customer-centric data can promise businesses with a high ROI on apps as well when used right. 

Apart from this, all this data can support businesses to understand problems with the app and rectify them accordingly- to provide a better user experience. Especially as apps can collect ratings and reviews, they can serve customers with a better platform.

Understanding customer concerns and paying attention to them is key to growth and success in any business niche- which an app exclusively assists a business with. 

While an app can be a great tool to boost sales and growth, a poorly developed app can easily lose customers. So it’s very important for a business to carefully incorporate features that will enhance the app’s user-friendliness, making it convenient for customers to use. Be Unique Group is a leading sales and marketing consultant in the middle-east who has helped many pioneer brands with performing mobile app developments tailored to their requirements.

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