6 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Digital Marketers


Content marketing is an integral function of making existing and prospective customers aware of your brand. Not just this, content marketing encompasses all the planning, creating, publishing and promoting content to the target audience for the purpose of creating brand awareness, generating sales leads and increasing online conversions. 

Effective content marketing is very significant these days especially due to a lot of competition in the market and businesses moving digital. The problem arises when there is a lot of content on the internet. So amongst millions of websites and blogs, how do you stand out?  We have listed 6 effective and actionable content marketing tips for digital marketers.

1. Interesting and relevant content:

The first step to any kind of marketing is knowing your audience. Be specific about what you want to convey and keep it relevant and concise. A pertinent article attracts more customers and increases engagements. This is possible by doing extensive market research and identifying your target audience. Try to provide value to your audience instead of a more direct and forceful selling approach. This type of viewpoint will look professional and makes your content look even more appealing. Use images and infographics whenever required to make even a large and boring content brief. interesting and easy to understand. 

2. Errors and typos:

One mistake you must immediately look to resolve is all the typos and grammatical mistakes that tend to happen while writing the content. A piece with errors and badly framed sentences is just going to create an unprofessional image of the brand and customers are not likely to trust the standard of the brand. After you finish writing, proofread it a few times and recognize grammatical and punctuation errors.

Errors and Types

Use capitalization properly and be careful about the format of dates ( if any) in your content. For example, if you have chosen dd/mm/yyyy from the beginning, make sure to write it this way throughout the article. Also, be wary about how you are representing numbers. i.e., in words or in numbers and make sure it is continued throughout your piece. If you are not a professional or an experienced writer, you can use paid online editing or proofreading tools like Grammarly. 

3. Editing and rewriting:

After you have picked an interesting topic, wrote a piece and corrected grammatical mistakes (if any), it is time to proofread and identify if your content matches the standards or not. A well- written piece is the one that incorporates a quality vocabulary and proper framework of sentences. Rephrase the sentences whenever required and if you have missed out some points, you can try rewriting the part instead of adding those in the middle. This will maintain the flow in which your readers will read. You may ask someone else to proofread it for you and see if the content is well- written and reaches a good standard. This helps to make your content intriguing. 

4. Seek guest posts:

Guest posting is a wonderful marketing tool to take your company to a world of exposure. Through guest posts, you gain authority links. These links are attached with the content you post on another website as a guest and therefore, directs your readers to your website. Guest posting is a great way to build relationships with other bloggers and shine your content on their website. Guest posts also increase your SERPs because of the backlinks increasing your overall SEO score. On the other hand, you can also call for guest post submissions to your website. Either way, it’s a win-win!

5. Choosing the right platforms:

Right Platforms

Usually, publishing your content everywhere is not so effective both time and money-wise. In order to put in all the attention to selected media, it is important to conduct research on the platforms that have a high traffic channel according to your target group. Shortlist and test those platforms and regularly monitor the results. After a period you will recognize the appropriate channels to promote your content and finally decide on showcasing your best content on selected platforms. 

6. Social sharing and CTA:

When you have published your piece, you’d obviously want it to be shared around. To increase brand exposure and attract the audience, make sure you have the options available for social sharing. In this way, the readers who find your content intriguing and useful can share it around conveniently using just a click. A call-to-action feature makes your website more accessible so make sure you have the option ready just below your article. 

The takeaway:

Content marketing brings in a lot of hope to increase your brand awareness. It is a great opportunity to connect with your prospective customers and retain the existing ones by providing good-quality content and value. In this way, you can become an expert in your niche through regular research and writing. We hope these tips were useful! 

Author bio:

Anushka Bhargava 

Anushka is a passionate writer and a poet pursuing a degree in media and communications. She regularly contributes a Food Guest Post on F and B Recipes.

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