Six Awesome Content Marketing Tips

Content Marketing Tips

You sit in front of your laptop and crack your knuckles like you will let an endless stream of words flow out of your thoughts. Your fingers hover above the keyboard, but you are blank. All your previous content that received little to no traffic mocks you. It makes you feel like a failure for not getting as much post engagement as you expected, and you doubt your writing skills. But the reality is that, most likely, it is your lack of a content marketing strategy that let you down.

A decade before, a company only needed a simple website to succeed at achieving its business goals. But the competition has gotten a lot tougher since then. The main objective now is to make your website stand out from your competitors, which are plentiful. The question is, how?

The answer lies in content marketing. Content marketing strategies can help your business reach customers, allow them to acquire information, and convert website traffic into leads and customers. Some key elements that every content writer, manager, and digital marketing expert must keep in mind when it comes to content marketing strategies are:

  1. Write relevant and actionable content

The first most important thing in content marketing is understanding your target audience. You have to understand the audience’s habits, likes, dislikes, problems, and trigger points. Knowing these things like the back of your hand will help you develop content relevant to your target audience.

One of the reasons your content isn’t engaging is that it doesn’t serve the reader’s interests and needs. These exist in the form of keywords and search engine terms. Once you target these needs and interests by identifying them with the aid of a suitable keyword checker, you’ll be able to create more relevant content. Then, engagement numbers will automatically climb, and traffic will flow as you establish yourself as a source of reliable information.

But what good is having traffic when it won’t turn into leads and customers? For that purpose, your content must be actionable. Can the reader replicate the steps you mentioned or use the guide in their daily life? If so, then consider it a job well done. Your content should invite the reader to take some action.

  1. Put out great content consistently 

The competition-driven market has reduced the attention span of the average internet surfer drastically. People won’t wait for you to take your sweet time and produce content that seems acceptable. They will simply move on to websites that provide better content with a consistent publishing schedule. However, this doesn’t mean that you start posting relentlessly without paying heed to your content’s quality.

The key to success lies in establishing and maintaining a balance between excellent posts and consistency in the publishing schedule. You have to exceed the quality each time you post, which might give you or your content writing team a tough time. But there is no shortcut to success. You will have to spend a lot of time, effort, and probably money too, on this work to get significant results.

3 Research your competitors 

May it be business – business or business – customer, almost every marketer uses content marketing strategies to stand out. So you are not the only person in the game trying to attract customers by creating great content. But don’t be scared of the competition you face. Instead, see it as an opportunity to learn from your successful competitors and understand their strategies.

Thorough competitor analysis is very important for your business. So before you make your content marketing strategy, assess the competition, the strategies your rivals use, and the content they write. Pay close attention to engagement and response rates. This will allow you to take a shortcut for understanding the mistakes to avoid and opportunities to harness.

  1. Avoid being too persuasive

Suppose you are trying to sell a product or service. In that case, it is easy to fall into the classic salesperson mannerism while developing content. But you must let go of this habit if you want to market and produce good content successfully.

Relevance is critical, but building relevance does not entail being overly persuasive. Your top-most priority as a content creator should be to inform or entertain your reader. Everything else falls second. The easiest way to inform or entertain the reader while subtly marketing is to tell them what to do, why they should do it, the benefits, etc. Your customers must arrive at the point of wanting a particular product or service because they want to, not because you imposed it on them.

  1. Set measurable goals 

The biggest mistake you can make while marketing your content is not setting measurable goals for your strategy. Wanting to receive immediate results and not getting them can make you lose the motivation to do better. But it would help if you remembered that content marketing is a long-term strategy.

Like every strategy, you must establish criteria for success. What are you aiming to accomplish? Do you want more traffic, public engagement, or do you want more leads and customers for your business? Once you have defined your goals, you will face much less difficulty measuring your progress. This brings us to our last point.

  1. Monitor your progress and adapt accordingly

How will you know if any of the strategies and tactics mentioned above are bearing any fruit? How near are you to accomplishing your goals? How can you evaluate the “greatness” of your content? To answer these questions, you must monitor your progress. It would help if you identified what metrics and KPIs match your end goals. Many tools on the internet can help you keep track of these measurements.

Apart from monitoring your progress, you must be flexible and ready to improvise if the need arises. For example, if you find that a specific type of content isn’t generating as much traffic as you want, change the content before wasting additional resources.


Content marketing cannot bring you immediate results no matter how good your content is and how consistently you publish. Hold on to your hats and wait patiently. The primary aim of content marketing, however, should be to serve the reader. Once the reader feels that you acknowledge their needs and wants through your content, your efforts will eventually show results.

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