Transform Your Ordinary Metal Building To The Smart Home

Metal Building To The Smart Home

Smart homes are becoming popular day by day. You will barely find a home that doesn’t have Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, or Apple’s HomeKit or aren’t planning to get one. In fact, some builders are even integrating smart appliances into their homes to amp up sales. Undoubtedly, smart homes are meant to make your life convenient and comfortable. But what about all those steel structures? Can metal buildings be transformed into smart homes? We will see that in a few minutes. Let’s go.

Prerequisites: Things To Consider Before Getting Smart Devices

Define Goals: Exactly what do you want out of your smart home? Is it just to add a tech feature, do you want to simplify daily tasks, is it for home security, or to reduce power consumption? Answering these questions will let you identify which feature you should choose and which you should ignore.

Convenience: The primary reason why people prefer smart homes is because they increase convenience. With your voice command, you can turn your speakers on and off. Sensors can detect and switch lights on/ off. And much more. So, what you are looking for is crucial to know which gadget will suit your home. Buying and installing smart gadgets that you will rarely use will be a waste of money.

Energy Efficient: Are your smart home devices using a lot of electric juice from the electric meter? You must check the power usage of each device before buying & choose the one that does not consume lots of power.

Security: Smart home gigs must be comfortable but only for you, not for the intruders. Hence, the security feature is something that you must bear in mind.

Wi-Fi & Network: There is a widespread rumor that metal buildings stop or interrupt Wi-Fi signals. That is obviously not true. If you experience any blockage of networking in your metal structure, it might be due to service providers or heavy traffic, not because it is made up of metal.

Note: Almost all smart home devices need Wi-Fi & internet connection (via your cellphone) to work. Placing your router in a location that has maximum network strength will aid smart devices in working seamlessly.

Transforming Metal Buildings Into Smart Home

Smart Lighting: Arguably, one of the most common features that almost all smart homeowners would like to add is a light that turns on or off on entry/ exit. Some smart bulbs let you control brightness and colors with the help of your smartphone. Think about it: you come after sunset & as soon as you open your metal garage to park your car, the lights turn on. Isn’t that handy?

Smart Security Camera: Everyone needs safety, especially in their home. You can conceal a smart surveillance camera on one of your metal carport posts below the trim. If someone walks past through, the motion sensor will activate the camera for monitoring. It is an excellent security device.

Smart Home Locks: Are you worried that someone is breaking into your home? Don’t. You can now lock and unlock your remote via your smartphone. You don’t have to worry about losing keys anymore. Now you just need to walk to your front door as a smart lock will sense you via smartphone to unlock. They will alarm you if anyone tries to force entry.

Smart Speakers: Smart speakers and voice assistants are the most common devices used in America. You can play songs, set reminders, make lists, control other smart devices, send messages, and a lot more with it.

Smart Thermostats: These devices adjust cooling and heating based on your habits to keep you comfortable and save energy. You can install one of these in your steel garage if you spend weekends working on projects or you use it as a home office.

Smart Plug: Smart plugs, switches, and outlets are a little more expensive than traditional ones. However, they offer great convenience. You can even operate them remotely to switch on or off your appliances. You can install blinds & curtains that open up at a specific time in the morning and close after sunset.

Smart Cleaning Devices: Imagine this…it is Sunday. You are in your steel garage finishing your DIY project. And now, you need to clean all the mess that you have created. So, what do you do? Well, you can either sweep the whole floor or get a smart automatic vacuum cleaner which will clean dirt & debris within minutes. Wouldn’t that be great? Now, all you need to do is find a place to keep your project.

But Where To Start From:

  • You can integrate smart devices with existing designs.
  • Incorporate smart devices in a way that they appear like a part of your home décor. Ensure to hire all cables & plugins.
  • You can watch or read the tutorials to understand how voice control works and how apps work. Most of these videos are available on YouTube.
  • You can start with one room & see where it goes from there. Try with the living room first, then move on to the bedroom, office, and lastly, kitchen.
  • If you are not familiar with tech devices, it is best to take the help of a professional.
  • Ensure your Wi-Fi password is strong & all the devices need two-step authentication for connection. This will ensure the safety of the device & your home.
  • It would be best if you monitor your devices to see if they are functioning correctly and are not accessible to third parties.

With This In Mind

It is totally possible to transform your metal garage or steel barndominium into a smart home. All smart devices keep you in sync with your home & garages even when you are not around. You can connect them with any part of your house, from the basement to the roof-top. After you are done with the installation, do not forget to test it out.

There is absolutely nothing that you can’t integrate into a metal buildings. Updating your devices regularly and having a power backup option (in case of a power outage) will help you live the wonderful, seamless life that you have planned. We hope this sneak peek on smart tech was helpful.

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