Top 5 Reasons For Penetration Testing or Pen-Testing is Vital for Your Business

Penetration Testing

In this modern world, most companies now have an official website, vast data network systems, and other digital operations to do their daily work. Unfortunately, this technology comes with tons of threats in the form of hackers and identity thieves. Any business that suffers a cyber-attack will experience downtimes and loss of revenues. It can also put their reputation at risk in the eyes of their clients.

As a business owner, it is your job to prevent the devastating effects of these cybercrimes. Hence, you need to plan and prepare for any eventualities by putting safeguards in place. Protect your company by hiring a team to conduct penetration testing or pen-testing services. This can help you identify your company’s weaknesses while providing the best advice on how you can reinforce these problem areas to prevent future attacks. Here are the major benefits of using this kind of test for your company.

Discover Vulnerable Area Before an Attack Occurs

The primary reason you need this pen-test is to understand your company’s weaknesses and how cybercriminals can exploit them. Your consultants will test for issues in a controlled environment. This will allow you to deploy a new security structure and implement tighter controls to fortify any problems. When you can beef up loopholes before an attack ensues, you protect your company against hacking, security breaches, and data theft. Examples of vulnerabilities include:

  • Improper security settings
  • Unprotected codes from software or apps
  • Configuration mistakes
  • Unsecured data
  • Wireless network issues

Minimize Costly Downtime

If you implement regular penetration testing for your company, you can enjoy assured business continuity. Conducting this test yearly or bi-annually assures that your company will always have a recoverable system if ever you encounter any issues. Remember, downtimes are very costly, leading to a loss of sales and revenues. But with the right security measures and back up plans in place, you can mitigate this problem.

Improve Security Infrastructure 

With a pen-test, you can improve your company’s security infrastructure. This testing assessment will help you realize the potential impact of an attack on your current security system. When you understand your current setup security gaps, you can ask your team to fortify your company’s security solutions by focusing on the identified problem areas.

Assure Compliance With Regulations

Some industries need specific companies to be compliant with stringent security regulations. One of their requirements is for your company to regularly undergo pen-testing. If you are not compliant, you can be fined stiff penalties. The worst-case scenario is to have your business license and permits revoked. As such, you must always be ready to pass their audits to prove that you are serious about abiding by their rules.

Protect Reputation and Build Trust 

If ever your company experiences a data breach, this tarnishes your reputation. Remember, clients feel uncomfortable trusting a brand that is not secure. If ever your company experiences hacking, your clients feel afraid that their important information is put at risk. As a result, you can lose their business. Notably, every attack can have a negative impact on your goods and service. Sadly, that company you’ve painstakingly built through the years can collapse without the proper protocols in place. If you don’t want to suffer customer churn and experience a decline in customer retention, beef up your security measures by including a pen-testing service for your network.

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