Day: March 8, 2021

Dust Monitoring

Saving the Planet through Dust Monitoring

Due to centuries of overuse and exploitation and the recent industrialization of the manufacturing process, the planet is undergoing a rapid decline. Temperatures are rising, forests are disappearing, and people and animals alike are suffering. The planet is quickly becoming rife with problems and health risks. Among these risks is the rapid increase of dust […]

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Vape Flavor

How to Select the Best Vape Flavor

Recent statistics show that an estimated 15 percent of Australian youth do vaping, lowering cigarette smoking among Aussies. Whether vaping as a newbie or guru, you have several options to consider involving e-cigarettes. It’s also critical to carefully pick the best vape flavor. There are several reasons many consumers are vaping instead of picking other […]

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Penetration Testing
Business Technology

Top 5 Reasons For Penetration Testing or Pen-Testing is Vital for Your Business

In this modern world, most companies now have an official website, vast data network systems, and other digital operations to do their daily work. Unfortunately, this technology comes with tons of threats in the form of hackers and identity thieves. Any business that suffers a cyber-attack will experience downtimes and loss of revenues. It can […]

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