Time Travels in Circles

Time travel in circles

Time and man have been inseparable. Anything that travels in cycles or circles is repetitive, and so is time. Human beings have always tried to control nature. It might be this urge in him that prompted man to encapsulate time in a spherical gadget called a watch. Paradoxically it is also the fast-paced life humans have been thrust upon them that they have gradually stopped buying many things offline. So it is not a surprise to buy chronograph watches online. Time, the fourth dimension, is divided into seconds, minutes and hours. The one who effectively manages their family, money and time ultimately succeeds in life. Intelligence and time are always interlinked, and the watch the person wears represents his personality in toto.

Types of watches

Today’s market is flooded with watches that range from analogue, digital, fitness, smart and chronograph. Analog watches are powered by batteries and controlled by quartz. Digital watches display just the figures. Fitness trackers are designed for athletes and other health-conscious people to keep a record of their blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, calories etc. The fancy customer who might also be a gadget freak is thus made to buy his chronograph watch.

The emergence of the modern-day consumer

In the days gone by, watches, perfumes and the attire a person wore reflected his/her status. The wealthy elites had a prominent way of exhibiting the class of watches they wore. In the high end came the hand-wound swiss watches, Omega, Rolex etc. In the feudal days, people in the upper strata had a lot of leisure time and indulged in a myriad of frivolous activities. This was also a way of flaunting their wealth shamelessly. But today, times have changed. People have changed their priorities in the way they use their money due to democratic and social ideologies. They have therefore moved towards a society that is economically smart and time conscious. There seems to be more space for any kind of exhibitionism or outward show of wealth. Today’s men and women, however affluent, are more focused on spending their time in the most judicious way possible. In keeping with the change of priorities today, the acquisition of wealth in terms of immovable assets like lands and estates have given way to spending money on vacations and tours to distant and exotic places around the globe. Both men and women have started feeling the urge for the ultimate in spirituality and hence try to seek nirvana. This global culture has a profound effect on the buying pattern of today’s customer. The modern-day youth especially realises the worth of time and therefore diligently does all the shopping online. They buy their shoes, clothes, groceries, medicines, cosmetics, and even buy chronograph watches online.

The major reason for excessive shopping online is the increase in the educated middle-class all over the world. On the other hand, the influence of modern education on the one hand and the spending patterns of people becoming more and more minimalist and frugal has made online shopping the order of the day.

Spending pattern of women

The increasing effect of education has powerfully impacted the spending patterns of today’s women. She has become more and more independent and assertive in her shopping culture. Earlier it used to be her father, brother or her husband who decided her requirements. But today, the woman has, thanks to her right to education, the full freedom to decide her wardrobe, accessories, and mode of shopping. Today’s modern women, being tech-savvy and completely aware of the commodities available in the market, can choose the gadgets, appliances and other household articles she needs to run her life and household efficiently. She might be a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and so on. In all her roles as a family person, the international market is at her disposal to fulfil her needs and her family’s needs as well. Thus shopping online for every small and big thing has become a market lifestyle change.

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