The Benefits of Creating a Promotional Video for Your Business

Benefits of Creating a Promotional Video for Your Business

Seeing is believing, and a picture is worth a thousand words. Nowhere are these phrases more critical than with business promotion. And a survey found that 93% of marketers said video content is essential.

With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to create a winning company promotion. So if you haven’t yet considered video as part of your marketing plan, keep reading. Here’s a guide to why you need video content for effective business marketing.

What Consumers Want

All the best marketing tips tell us that scoring high on SEO is crucial to getting a message across. And with video on YouTube, you’re exploiting the second largest search engine in the world. That same video content also helps you score higher on Google.

Educate your audience with simple, compelling explainers. People searching for quick solutions turn to instructional videos for fast results. And because they see the answers, they remember them more often.

Brand Loyalty

Business promotion is a fast-paced environment, no matter what size the company. But, with video, your company can get a message across in seconds on a host of networks. As consumers gain value from each video, they feel a stronger connection to your brand.

For existing customers looking for more information, instructional videos make a quick and appealing solution. Customers remember your brand when they can see that help is only a short film away.

In less time, a company promotion can also tell a more compelling story. Building excitement for a product or service doesn’t have to be expensive either. Marketing tips are available to companies of any size for creative content.

You likely have a production-quality device at your side. Smartphones today come equipped with everything you need to make great quality videos. Then with an app to put videos together, your marketing strategy becomes a reality.

Business Promotion That Works

With the tools to make good quality video content, all you need then is a marketing plan. One of the best parts about video is you can reuse images on different platforms. For example, take a segment from a longer piece and use it as a teaser on social media.

Use content on different media to give your business marketing a consistent message. For example, consumers watch videos on a variety of platforms. So with similar content, your marketing plan gets a broader reach.

And, you aren’t limited to one kind of marketing strategy with video content. For example, give your audience explainer videos about new services. Or promote a company event with a compelling message from team members.

Of course, video ads are a standard form of production. But why not create a piece with testimonials from happy customers? There is no limit to the types of video content a company can make with little expense.

Another feature of the video is that people love to share content with others. So, after watching an entertaining video, links get sent by the viewer with a simple click.

Start Scripting

All the tools you need for effective business promotion are already at hand. So get your team together and let your imagination run free. You might find there’s a budding producer inside dying to get out.

And if this article gave you a vision into what’s possible, come back for more helpful tips.

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