Check out 10 Content Marketing Tips for beginners In Digital Marketing

  1. Publish content that is related to your niche

When you begin to publish content on your website or blog, make sure it is related to your niche and area of expertise.

For many, this may be obvious, but some people have not yet started for the vital importance of this simple question.

Check out 10 Content Marketing Tips for beginners In Digital Marketing
Check out 10 Content Marketing Tips for beginners In Digital Marketing

If you are running a blog on entrepreneurship, for example, you may not post on personal development just because he liked. No one will arrest you or hate you for doing it, but the chances of getting any benefits of this post are minimal.

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The best approach is to publish content aligned with the overall objectives of your website, in other words, they are 100% connected with the problems of your audience and even more, to solve them and lead them to the path of complete resolution.

For example, if you are selling online bike, in addition to providing all the technical information about its products (specifications, photos, reviews, videos), you must also provide a blog with articles related to the benefits of this activity physics as:

  • – Better quality of life;
  • – How to ride better;
  • – Where pedal;
  • – That equipment use;
  • – What are the most appropriate clothes and etc…

This is a related content and studies show that more than 50% of consumers like to read related content.

Agree with me that those who want to buy a bicycle will be interested in explanatory content, that help them to learn more.

Imagine that you are an affiliate of physical products and wish to sell bikes, right?

You can and should have a blog and their producer disseminate content.

See a possible plan that you can use.

Possible Article:

Writes a nice article with useful tips and at the end of it you deliver a simple e-book 10 pages with over 20 practical tips on how to ride long distances.

Once it downloads the free e-book, you take him to a page where you offer presents to him the best bikes for long distances.

The page has a mix of content focused on the benefit of riding long distances, focus on pleasure, in the love that this person has for the sport and focuses only on the last bicycle technical information and on sale.

Realize the power of the content?

It does not simply deliver a text, is to deliver a text that generates value and to take the bed to a journey that must end with a sale together with the resolution of a problem.

  1. Publish Extensive Content (Epic/Putty)

When it comes to text content, such as blog posts, several studies have identified that the long content (over 1500 words) is more accurately positioned by the search engines and is more affordable in social media.

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The lesson we can learn from these studies is that it is better to produce a detailed publication that covers all aspects of a topic rather than publishes 2-3 smaller items.

Once you’re producing detailed content will be not just providing food for the search engines, but also users what they want, and it’s more than well known that Google favors sites that take care of the user experience.

  1. Publish Sharable Content

You need to search social networks and find the type of content that people enjoy when it comes to your niche.

If you are promoting fashion items they might like more images and videos, if you are promoting software, it could be that they like more than a time trial.

You need to find what they want and to provide them with this content. In doing so, you are also increasing the chances of your content become viral in social media and benefit from the extra visibility.

Different ideas for shareable contents that are suitable for all niches are:

– Top 10 lists…

– Best of lists.

– As…

– 10 ways to…

– Most popular Ways.

– Best tips for. ..

  1. Post good content That Looks good too

The good content provides original information, well researched and unbiased about a given topic.

Even if your content meets the above criteria, he still needs to be fine too. I mean text that is embellished by the use of paragraphs, bold, italics, titles, good font size etc.

Take care of the formatting of your content is also good for SEO and a sign that you are trying to create a high-quality site. Normally, if you will try to combine different content types together (i.e. text, images, videos), that makes the user experience better, which generates a number of other benefits.

  1. Publish content frequently

I think we know that consistent content is critical to generating results, right?

This published a video today and another one next month is a shot in the foot if you want to live on the internet.

Therefore, ensure the publication of content on a regular basis and, if possible, on dates and times.

But for the love of God don’t make the mistake of defining a regularity that you know cannot keep for a certain time without fail and without losing the quality.

Nothing to post for a week and fails another or post a whole month and stay 3 without posting.

Have a predefined publishing calendar will help you organize your time better and will also help you build a list of loyal fans.

See this simple planning of post that I think very quiet:

– 2 full article per week

– 2 videos on YouTube channel a week

– 3 daily postings on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

– 10 comments on blogs related to your per week (generation of backlinks and relationship)

– A Guest post every 15 days

– An e-book for free every 60 days

– An E-book of low value every 90 days

Soon a video here explaining that plan. Stay tuned!

Don’t forget that the new content is also an incentive for:

– Search engines to visit your site

– Get more visitors to your newsletter and RSS feed

– Get more visits of social media

  1. Publish content with good title

A title you give in your Article is very important for many reasons.

It is highly mentioning the good title will:

– Help search engines understand what content speaks;

– Social networks help to understand what you’re being sharing;

– Attract the attention of users and encourage clicks on the page.

So before you hit the publish button, make sure your content has a proper title to help your audience to take advantage of all the benefits above.

That’s where the keyword tool from Google can help you choose effective content titles.

  1. Publish the best content than Competitors

Content marketing and a great way to increase sales, etc., but that’s just good news. The not-so-good news is that you are not alone and if you want your content to be good, it must be better than the competition.

Before you begin creating the content, search your Google, Facebook, Twitter (or the nearest network of your target audience) and see what kind of content comes in the best positions.

Note things like:

– Size;

– Quality

– Format.

Try to improve your content in all aspects using the technique of reutilization.

The content that is not better than the competitors do not generate the buzz that you expect in search engines or social media, then you’d better spend more time to make your content better than rushing to push the button and lose your time.

  1. Get your Content in front of Customers

Don’t expect your potential customers search find your site to buy your products. When you produce content, you need to promote it so that it has the attention it deserves.

There are hundreds of ways to promote your Article without exaggerations and without any risks, so the next step immediately after hitting the publish button is to make a good promotion.

Your best bet is social media because the results are extremely simple and immediate, but never underestimate the power of email.

  1. Organize your content

When you make content marketing consistently for several months (or even years), you will end up with a lot of content and, if you’re not organized correctly, you will be lost.

The best strategy is to organize your content into relevant categories and use tags, keywords and descriptions for research purposes.

A simple tip but very effective is to create a content organization. You can use Google Docs as I use. And keep 3 spreadsheets being 1 for articles on the blog, 1 to guest post articles and 1 for creating backlinks.

  1. Create Content That Converts

Last but not least, don’t forget that the main reason you created content is to help your audience and increase conversions. Depending on your case, conversions can be different things since the more email subscribers, more clicks on a banner, more members on a Facebook group, and tanners on the Facebook page and so on.

But, if your content does not produce good results, then you need to change your content strategy and think of alternative ways of producing and promoting that content.

Hire a professional company is always one of your best options, not only for the best results but also to give you more time to focus on what you’re doing better.

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