How to Buy Crypto with a Coinbase Wallet ?

Buy Crypto with a Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase wallet is a wallet that gives you complete control of your crypto. It is a self-custody wallet, and you have complete access to the crypto in your wallet. It gets directly stored on your mobile and is not concerned with centralized exchanges like 

People often confuse with Coinbase wallet. But they are two different products. You needn’t have an account on to access your coinbase wallet. So, to increase your understanding of crypto wallets and best utilize a coinbase wallet, you need to learn to buy crypto with a coinbase wallet. So, we are here to help you to do so. Read the article below to acknowledge the concern. 

Coin base a self-custody wallet 

These types of wallets allow you to access crypto and have complete control of your crypto. These wallets rely on third parties to keep your crypto safe. They also give you the software necessary to provide your software, but it’s ultimately your responsibility to remember the password to safeguard your crypto. If you lose your password, called a private key, there won’t be any other way to access the crypto. 

Buying Crypto with Coinbase wallet 

Download the app and create your account

The first step in accessing the coinbase wallet is downloading the app from the Play Store or app store. Creating an account on Coinbase is quite simple in the case of a Coinbase noncustodial wallet. You do not need to enter your email address while creating the account. Just follow the simple steps that are required to create the account. 

Be sure to enter the private key and note it down in your diary. If you forget this 12-word long password, you might be unable to access your crypto in any way.

Buying crypto with a Coinbase wallet

Now that you have the self-custody wallet of Coinbase, you can explore the possibilities of crypto. Go to the menu and select the ‘buy’ button from there. Coinbase wallet can allow you to purchase crypto using a debit card directly in more than ninety countries. However, if you’re looking for more advanced trading options and features, consider acquiring a Buy 100% KYC Verified account. By doing so, you can access the wide range of trading services offered by Bybit while ensuring that your account is fully KYC verified, meeting the necessary compliance standards.

Transferring crypto

If you have created a Coinbase account, you can transfer crypto directly from your Coinbase account by just linking your account to the Coinbase wallet. If you select the buy or transfer option in the Coinbase wallet, you will be directly promoted to log in to your Coinbase account to see which crypto is available to be moved into your wallet. 

There is also an option to transfer the crypto from other places into your wallet using your wallet’s public address. You can find this public address by tapping on the QR code at the top right of your home screen. For transferring from another self-custody wallet, you just need to enter your public address as a recipient in their self-custody wallet.

Importing a wallet

Self-custody wallet of Coinbase allows you to merge your wallet with any other custody wallet. While logging into your self-custody wallet, you get two options: create a new wallet, and I already have a wallet. If you select the latter option, you will have to enter the existing wallet’s private key, and it will automatically get imported into the existing Coinbase wallet. You can also Buy crypto debit card to buy crypto to your self-custody wallet. You can get this credit card from different platforms, such as ChangeHero, a trusted platform.

Network fees

You must buy the network fees anytime you send crypto from another wallet or exchange. All these fees on the Coinbase platform are used to assist in transactions and keep the network secure. 

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