Hacks that will help the growth of your online business

Try these tips and notice your business flourish in no time:

Target the competitors that do not exist anymore

Competition in the industry is challenging and the good point about it is that it makes us keep working and getting better with time. Businesses fail and leave their customers stranded and this might work like magic for your business. How? You can present yourself as an alternative to them or become an alternative solution for them.

Hacks that will help the growth of your online business
Hacks that will help the growth of your online business

Search for groups and forums where people are talking about your competitors and from their start communicating with the potential customers. When you communicate with them let them know that your services/products can be used as a substitute now when the earlier brand is not available.

Produce link worthy content

To keep the blog fresh and running you need to update it timely with fresh content that keeps the readers engaged and make them come back for more. Focus on producing content that gathers and attracts reads for you like create evergreen pieces to get traffic for the years to come.

Buildlinks with broken links method

You can generate backlinks with the help of broken links as it has been considered as the most effective for building links. You can also conduct a broken link test and check for all the broken links.

Here is the process to do this:

  • Identify the resources that are of your niche that do not exist or are outdated
  • Create a totally new piece of content that helps replace the resource with better content which has all the latest researched material. Add new graphics and the latest case studies. It must also have all the up to date information.
  • You can after that reach out to webmasters, who are linking to the old piece of content that might be redirecting to 404-page error which means that it is a broken link.
  • You can tell them that the users are being directed to a broken link which can give a bad user experience to the users and in return for it you can share you on shiny content as a replacement for the readers.

Using the right set of keywords

For this, you need to conduct thorough research of things and content. You must check all your recent posts and the one post that has received a maximum number of views. Study the content that has got the good number of viewers and replicates the content with the right set of keywords and creates an interesting, lengthy, well-researched article so that you increase its chances of getting good viewership.

Use the reach and approach of the influencers

There are various social media influencers who can help you extend your reach. If you are able to get the influencers to promote your website, then you can get huge traffic to your website.

Huge recognition is what waits for you when you choose influencer marketing.

You can do some on the page and off page SEO tasks of your website which will give you a broader picture and explain to you all the shortcomings. Some of the thing you need to cross check for a better performance of your website:

  • Meta Title Test
  • GZIP Compression Test
  • Favicon Test
  • Favicon Checker
  • Broken Link Test
  • Sitemap Test

Getting links from the people who can already trust your content

Generating new backlinks is not an easy task. You can increase the chances of your websitegetting more and more backlinks by reaching people who are already providing you backlinks.

If you want the backlinks to take your website to a higher rank, then you must take a link back from a website that has a good domain authority and whose overall rapport is good. Taking backlinks from a shady website is not a good idea as it would not take your website anywhere.

Conclusion: Building the rapport of your website and making it a reliable one is not a day’s task therefore you need to smartly follow a few steps with which you can easily make you website rank higher.

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