5 Essential Tips for Choosing Car Window Tinting in Brisbane

Car Window Tinting

Automotive industry in Australia is predicted to contribute over $35 billion to the country’s economy. The automotive sector of Queensland’s capital, Brisbane, is broad and encompasses various businesses and activities, including vehicles retailing, repair and maintenance and car window tinting services.

Aside from privacy, car window tint film adds distinction and elegance to any car. Most standard car window tinting brisbane also helps block 99% of UV rays, protecting the cars’ occupant and upholstery. Consider these five tips to make sure you choose the best window tints in Brisbane for your car.

Tip #1: Know the various window tint options

The first step to buying the right window tint film is to learn the available types of car tints on the market. Customers can do so by visiting a car window tinting shop in Brisbane or getting the information through relevant websites. Some common types of window tint include:

  • Dyed window tint
  • Metalised window tint
  • Hybrid window tint
  • Carbon window tint
  • Crystalline window tint
  • Ceramic window tint

Tip #2: Determine whether to pick top tier tints or average tints

Generally, top tier window tints are durable, more appealing and offer a better-quality performance. For instance, dyed films are cost-effective, decent quality window tints that will perform. Carbon film cost more than dyed film but perform better and can last much longer. On the other hand, a ceramic film offers the best performances and typically comes with a lifetime warranty. In contrast, ceramic films utilize raw materials and the latest technology to make a perfect UV protection layer with excellent durability.

Tip #3: Consider choosing UV-reflecting tints

While skin utilizes sunlight to produce vitamin, a vitamin essential for normal bone formation, exposing the skin to ultraviolet radiation for an extended period can cause major damage to it. Frequent exposure to UV rays over many years is also the primary cause of skin cancer. Hence, choosing UV-reflecting window tints is beneficial to the car’s interior and the drivers’ and passengers’ well-being.

Most standards UV window tinting for cars prevent up to 99% UV radiation from the sun. It also ensures the sun’s energy is not confined inside the car, which removes the oven effect typically experienced when a car stays too long under the sun.

Tip #4: Consider the warranty

Apart from looking into the window tints basic protection and security features, customers should also check its warranty. Most good quality car window tinting brisbane comes with a warranty from the manufacturer that the authorized dealers fulfil. If the tint film starts to peel or defect within the warranty period, customers can ask for replacement or repair without spending another penny.

Therefore, customers should only engage with legitimate authorized dealers. They can check the brand’s website to check the list of authorized dealers around Brisbane. They should also compare the warranty’s coverage and length.

Tip #5: Let professionals do the tinting

Most people can attempt tinting, but only the professionals can bring out the tint films’ unique elegance and do the job right without the bubbles or warping effect. Several techniques with enough experience are needed to install the perfect tint.

Moreover, professional car window tinting services understand and comply with Brisbane’s window tinting regulations. Illegal window tinting can result in hefty fines and a defect notice, which leads to taking the vehicle over the pits, costing more time and money.


There are various car window tint films available in Brisbane. To ensure you pick the right window tints for your vehicle, consider the tint films’ type, quality, basic features, UV protection property and warranty. Also, engage with professional car window tinting services for best-quality and legally-compliant window tinting installation.

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