Does PEMF Build Muscle?

PEMF Build Muscle

Does PEMF Build Muscle?”: This is a question that a lot of fitness enthusiasts have been asking, and for all the right reasons! Pemf technology has revolutionized the medical industry, as well as the fitness industry. Therefore, people all over the world have started diverting their focus from invasive artificial procedures to noninvasive natural ones (read: PEMF technology) in order to get safe, long-lasting, and solid results!

In the fitness world, people and even athletes have started incorporating the majestic power of pemf technology in fulfilling their workout goals. The reason for doing so is pemf therapy has proven to be a wholesome alternative to medicines and other similar resources. But the problem is; still, a lot of fitness enthusiasts are unaware of the amazing potential that pemf therapy holds for the uplifting of fitness games! And this is exactly why we at bring to you this article that will guide you on how you can utilize the power of pemf for upping your fitness game, specifically muscle building!

 PEMF Therapy For Athletes

Since we’re going to be focusing on muscle building through pemf in this article, let’s first address the primary question posed at the very top of this article: “Does PEMF Build Muscle?”

The clear and simple answer is: YES, it does!

PEMF technology benefits athletes in a variety of ways, one of which is muscle building. Since one of the primary concerns of athletes is to have their muscles working at their maximum potential, they’re continually looking for treatments to boost their muscle strength and mass. From taking medicines to hormone therapies and a lot of invasive procedures, athletes have now successfully discovered a harmless treatment to help them up to their muscle game: PEMF technology! Therefore, pemf technology has now become the go-to option for athletes to fulfill their fitness goals!

What Physiological Effects does PEMF exert On The Muscles?

Athletes use pemf therapy before physical exercise because doing so stimulates such physiological reactions in the body that bring about muscle building.

To be specific, using pemf therapy before physical exercise causes a process to take place in the muscles, called myosin phosphorylation. This process is actually the process by which energy is produced in the muscle cells. This process ensures the production of ATP, Adenosine Triphosphate, via which energy is stored into muscle cells. When athletes go through intense physical activity and strenuous workouts, their ATP reserves get depleted, and hence their muscles become weak and more prone to injuries. This depletion can only resort through sufficient rest. However, with the use of pemf therapy, the ATP reserves are naturally replenished and even boosted because of the stimulation of Myosin Phosphorylation. What’s more, by incorporating magnetic fields into the cells (via pemf therapy) before physical activity, the cells experience an increased transport of ions and electrolytes in them, thereby increasing their energy by as much as 500%.

Besides these physiological processes, pemf therapy also helps increase the quantity of heat shock proteins in the muscles, which is essential for muscle building. Pemf therapy is one of the safest and risk-less ways of inducing these proteins into the body. And when this induction is done prior to workout/physical activity, there’s a huge increase in the quantity of heat shock proteins, and consequently a larger potential of muscle building as well as reduced risk of injury and tissue damage.

Other Fitness Benefits Of Pemf Therapy

Besides muscle building, pemf therapy provides a number of fitness benefits, including:

  •   Better quality of sleep for athletes
  •   Increased oxygen metabolism
  •   Increased performance/strength
  •   Improved flexibility
  •   Increased stamina

Final Word

Conclusively, pemf therapy is a great way of helping people and especially professional athletes, to build muscles and attain a variety of fitness benefits! 

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