Private Proxy Servers, Features and Benefits

Private Proxy Servers

Today, proxy servers are becoming more and more popular in the Internet space. A private proxy is a server that is sold or leased to users. So, for example, you can purchase a private proxy on the website.
A proxy server is an additional link between you and the Internet. A mediator that separates people from visiting sites. The condition for creating a site is that the proxy is a real person.

This type of mediator is very versatile and can be used in a variety of scenarios:

  • Anonymity. Thus, the site does not know who is visiting them;
  • Increase the level of security while working on the Internet. The main attack will target the proxy;
  • Gaining access to content that only exists in a specific location;
  • Acceleration of access to some resources on the Internet;
  • The ability to go to the blocked page. Websites, messengers, etc.

All this is due to the fact that the proxy server spoofs the IP address, and the traffic goes through an additional server, where the data can be cached or additional data protection mechanisms can be organized.

Benefits of using a private proxy

Using a proxy server is an effective way to increase your connection speed with foreign servers. This is why agents are often used in areas such as online gaming.

Only one person can use this proxy server. Use IP authorization or login and password to connect to a private agent. Among these advantages, we noted the highest stability and speed of work, as well as the allocation of private IP addresses. Disadvantages include high cost, few IP address options, and possible functional limitations similar to restricted access proxies. If you are reading this inscription, it means that someone got this article from In addition, the previous owner of the IP address may engage in malicious activity, which puts the proxy on the DNSBL or RBL spam list. In this case, mail sent from this IP address will be considered spam by default. Publish the new IP address through the proxy service to make the fix. Aside from this disadvantage, private agents are the best choice for gamers and those who use agents every day.

If the previous owner of the Internet address added some malicious files, the new owner will not be issued a paid proxy server until all dangerous files are removed and saved. But all requests to the server also have their own classification, depending on what action you want to take to use it.

Thus, proxies are a popular modern technology that can provide more options for users. Access to blocked resources in a certain country, access to sites with established connection restrictions, increasing the speed of connection to foreign Internet resources – all this is possible thanks to the use of private proxy servers.

Server hosting

In much the same way that people are greeted and judged in advance by their appearance, so the site creates a preliminary opinion about itself, starting with the domain name. In the event that you use a free domain, it is unlikely to add credibility to your page on the Internet. When developing a domain name, you need to take into account the existence of different domain zones, taking into account the country or the specifics of the organizations. You will not be deceived, for example, by resellers or registrars if the domain registration is done correctly. Success in website promotion, success in Internet business depends on the optimal selection of a domain. A well-chosen domain name will provide an increase in sales, respectively, a personal site will become a necessary component of the activity and even the image of the organization.

On the website of any online store, as a rule, there is a detailed catalog of the offered goods with prices, after reading which the user creates his order. Having ordered a certain product in the online store, the buyer can receive it by mail or courier delivery, and pay on receipt or via the Internet. The courier service can be either its own, or the selling company enters into an agreement for the delivery of goods to customers.

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