Choosing Supply Chain Planning Software

Supply Chain Planning Software

The pace at which the world is changing is high. Although, the pace of change witnessed a disruption due to the pandemic in the past year. The pandemic motivated many companies to shift their operations to software that can be accessed easily from remote places. 

A supply chain planning software includes applications that help manage planning processes associated with product demand, material supply, order scheduling, product distribution, and distribution of final products to customers. The software uses supply chain planning tools for performing the planning tasks.  

In this article, we will mention a few factors which should be kept in mind before choosing a supply chain planning software.

Choose software that provides AI-powered data insights.

Modern-day supply chain software is quite advanced. This software presently collects data from various parts of the supply chain, including the buyers and customers, to inventory and warehousing. The feature to collect data from the different supply chain sectors is one of the biggest USPs of the supply chain software.

The supply chain software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to scrutinize the overwhelming amount of data flowing in the supply chain. Digital supply chain platforms which install a data lake into their structure are highly effective in storing and unifying all the supplier data. 

Real-time visibility and collaboration features are vital.

Today, most businesses try going global, due to which the supply chains have become complex. The complexity has made the supply chain volatile to several disruptions such as disease outbreaks, natural disasters, labor disputes, and geopolitical conflicts. Thus, the ability to adapt the supply chain for proactively countering the issues and finding resolutions has become extremely critical. Therefore, software that can detect the risks early and mitigate them faster than the competition will give you an advantage over the competition.

Ability to integrate with ERP systems.

When businesses grow and progress, they adopt several solutions for managing their operations. One of the solutions is the use of an ERP system. Over the period of time, there are several updates that occur, such as tool and feature updates. After the update, the tool might have started handling some of the critical functions. Thus a business that is running on mature supply chains must select a supply chain software that can integrate with ERP systems quickly.

User-friendly and intuitive interface.

The digital transformation of your supply chain mainly depends on several factors apart from the ability and willingness to adopt new technologies that run on AI and ML. A supply chain planning software that has a friendly and intuitive interface can be highly beneficial for the productivity of the company. If the software is user-friendly, then there are high chances that the software is easily worked upon by the employees in the company. 

A good supply management planning software will have features such as real-time collaboration, mobile-friendliness design, and a control tower for viewing and managing the complete supply chain.

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